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Service Design Lead | UX & Team Lead

Jennifer Louise Dettmering

Creating meaningful experiences,

with people, planet and profit in mind,

giving feedback with candor and respect.

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What I've worked on

10+ years of hard work and dedication to each project, client and team, I’ve established a strong career in the Service Design industry. Each role has been a dynamic endeavour, providing me with an opportunity to develop both personally and professionally. Working in cross-functional teams as a design lead, I've learnt to be quick,  flexible and always adjusting to new situations.


Projects & Work

Most of my work is confidential. These are some of the projects I've worked on, their challenges, and my tasks.


Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

Leadership Training & Psychological Safety Workshops

Modern Architecture

Deutsche Bank

Service Design of a new sign up process


Design Thinking Workshops

Facilitation and creation of various Design Thinking workshop

S03 RVFit_illus_edited_edited.jpg

Deutsche Rentenversicherung

Redesign of service offering

Using Mobile Phones

BMW Mini

Business and Service Design for the mobility industry


Fail forwards

Fuck ups and what I've learnt from it

Screenshot 2022-11-03 at 21.52.06.png

Agentur für Arbeit

Digital experience for the German unemployment office 


Accenture Internal Tooling

Service Design and UX for Accenture's internal client management platform


Oda_car_AVE8258 (1).jpg

“We exist to build the world's most effective retail system to create a society where people have more space for life."

Service Design Lead

  • As the lead designer, I'm shaping the user experience of the new ads platform, ensuring that it delivers seamless and effective promotion capabilities.



“We need a link from our microsite to our main portal.”



  • Redesign and repositioning of the whole service system

  • New content strategy of the new website

  • Process design from a structural perspective with design first in mind

A large German Bank

Image by

"We don't need any design, we can do that ourselves. We just want user to open an account."


  • New online account opening process with design for the bank's digital transformation journey, analysed the gaps between the as-is and the to-be state

  • Delivered a concrete roadmap with recommendations for actions.

  • A long-term client relationship with many new projects along the digital transformation was established​



“We don't really know what we need.”



  • Design research across the globe - from India to South America 

  • Synthesising and consolidating the research output and insights to create organizational alignment, archetypes, design themes and drivers

  • Brand new concept that indicates the total health of a business: from revenue numbers to contractual metrics

Fail forward  aka "learning from mistakes"


Learning from mistakes

We all make mistakes. 

bpb_Projektstory copy.jpg

“We are setting up a new branch with a completely new team. What do we need?"


  • Workshops about leading teams and working culture

  • Ways of working method toolkit 

  • Practical guide to psychological safety

  • Coaching on one's own leadership style


Screenshot 2022-11-03 at 21.52.06.png

“We want a new website with everything accessible in three clicks."


  • Identifying possible life situations that would direct the user’s behaviour and provoke them to search for various kinds of information with 3 clicks 

  • Restructured how BA approached content, measured information based on relevance, and united its portal

  • Forming new departments at the BA to be responsible for managing the online content

BMW Mini

Image by Lauren Kay

“We need new ideas to stay relevant.”



  • Analysis of the needs and attitudes of the brand target group

  • Deep market research to create a market and trend analysis

  • Mapping of the brand ecosystem

  • In-depth service map and vision

Design Thinking Workshops

Picture 2.jpg

I love co-creation session with people.

The process everyone goes through is a beautiful experience to witness: from out-of-the-comfort-zone-akwardness to trusting-the-process to newly-gained- confidence in oneself. 


What I did

Designed and facilitated workshops for clients in various industries as a Fjord Rumble specialist to

  • Create new business opportunities 

  • Ideate designs 

  • Iterate possible new business models

  • Consult on innovation funnels and governance models

  • Create user journeys and vision journeys

  • Define purpose and relevant trends​

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