Leadership Training & Psychological Safety Workshops

Confidential | 2021

The Ask

“We are setting up a new branch with a completely new team. We want to learn how to lead teams, how establish a collective working culture and new ways of working.”

The Task

5 new departments were formed at a brand new location in Germany. The headquarters office culture was to be reinvented for the new location. The new department leads wanted to start fresh and find their own way of leading their teams. 


  • Ways of working method toolkit 

  • Practical guide to psychological safety

  • Defining one's own leadership style

My Work

Designing an interactive workshop format in which the client learnt about

  • the fundamental differences of leadership and management,

  • discovered different types and styles of leadership and

  • led to them to individually define their own way for their new position.


The workshop was build around

  • psychological safety and

  • how to establish the concept within the company,

  • build rituals and routines that grow roots deep within the new departments. 

Workshop Poster
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Leadership Training & Psychological Safety Workshops

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