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I deeply care about female health, diversity and inclusion and how design can support those important topics.

Passion: Work



WOOVA is a service, dedicated to female health and the female cycle. We offer women knowledge about their bodies and provide them with products to live in sync with their menstrual cycle!

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Gender and Design

If you want gender equity, you have to deal with biased data in the design process. Because from prototype design to medical research, the data is biased towards the "average man. 

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Diversity and Inclusion

Berlin Design Week 2019

What can we as designers do for more equality within our work?

Unconscious Bias in Data & Design

Let's take a closer look at bias especially unconscious bias that we encounter in our daily lives.

Those stereotypes which we develop to make sense of our social environments. Often unintentional and automatic. We adapt certain preconception from our social environments and weave them into our own attitudes, which influence our behaviours. 

Our brain help us navigate through life by searching for patterns and creating short cuts to make complicated information easier to process.

Because we also use these shortcuts to classify and categorize people, we unconsciously overlook relevant information and create stereotyped categorizations that are not in tune with reality.

We all have them in our daily life – nobody is unbiased.

This becomes a problem when we transfer them to data collections intentionally or unintentionally, they become part of a perceived truth. But we love our data, we love to believe that they are true – we love to measure and track things and we assume, that data are based on facts. 

What we don’t see are the biases within data collection, hypothesises based on assumptions, interpretation or simply the sample of participants that might exclude a whole group of our population.

This is were the story of design flaws starts. 

Exhibition Berlin Design Week

Viva La Vulva- Exhibition for FemTech products

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