Platform Design

Contract Management Platform for Accenture | 2018 - 2019

The brief
“We don't really know what we need, but for sure a better tool.”

What we did
The ask was to help an internal department of Accentures with a more user-friendly tool. Which meant design research across the globe - from India to South America to understand their world, synthesizing and consolidating the research output and insights to create organizational alignment, archetypes, design themes and drivers. Basically all the "service design stuff". The outcome is concept that indicates the total health of the business: from revenue numbers to contractual metrics.

My Tasks
I conducted interviews, facilitated the workshops with all stakeholders, created a vision journey from the perspective of the different archetypes. I documented the whole process in a end-to-end journey. It included all the steps, actions and actors across the system as well as the technology and process specific building blocks that would be required for building. I created wireframes for the tool to create new solutions based on the research outcome for the target group. At the end I storylined and wrote the final presentation for the Accenture board.