Workshop the workshop

Rumble of the shelf | Fjord, 2017-2018

I love co-creation session with people.

The process everyone goes through is a beautiful experience to witness: from out-of-the-comfort-zone-akwardness to trusting-the-process to newly gained confidence in oneself. 

What I did

I have designed and facilitated workshops for

clients in various industries as a Fjord Rumble specialist for almost a year.  I have been workshopping with clients from various industries to

  • Create new business opportunities 

  • Ideate designs 

  • Iterate possible new business models

  • Consult on innovation funnels and governance models

  • Create user journeys and vision journeys

  • Define purpose and relevant trends

Besides facilitating workshop, I conducted train-the-trainer sessions for design thinking facilitators for clients as well as for my colleagues.