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Agentur für Arbeit

Designing a more approachable government service | 2015-2016, 2017, 2020

The brief

“We want a new website where everything is accessible within three clicks. The search function needs to just be relevant and better. That is all.”


Role: Design Manager 


What we did

Our mission was to design for the people, and we did that by first identifying possible life situations that would direct the user’s behavior and provoke him/her to search for various kinds of information.


Together with Accenture, we restructured how to

  • approach content and measure information based on customer relevance and united the entire portal.


Our main goal was

  • to redesign public services and lead the industry standard toward a more user-centered mindset.

  • That also meant forming new departments on the client side who would be responsible for managing the online content. 


My Tasks

I was the connector between the client, Fjord designers, and the Accenture team. This meant 100% design management. I could apply my love for service design in the most heavily bureaucratic and corporate environment.


I was also facilitating many co-creation sessions, worked as a UX designer within the concept, managed the photo shooting/ production for the final website, and was in charge of the case study film production.

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