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Digital Banking Strategy

Deutsche Bank | Fjord, 2016

The brief:

"We don't need any design, we can do that ourselves. We just want an online account opening process and a digital transformation journey."


Role: Design Manager 

What we did:

  • ​We created a new online account opening process for the bank's digital transformation journey, and analyzed the gaps between the as-is and the to-be state.

  • Delivered a concrete roadmap with recommendations for actions.

  • Established a long-term client relationship with many new projects along the digital transformation was established.

My tasks:

While I was mainly the Design Manager for the project, I also conducted the design research for the persona validation, audited the as-is-experiences, and briefed the designers on the as-is-state.


During the entire project, I facilitated many co-creation sessions (Fjord Rumble) with the client and the stakeholders.

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