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Deutsche Rentenversicherung

Website design RVFit | 2019 - 2020

The brief

“We need a link from the prevention microsite to our main portal and better user experience.”

Role: Service Designer


What we did

The user’s path to the specific prevention offers was not clear and not very intuitive, the content of the information itself was not self-explanatory and often misunderstood with little numbers in participation of the program itself.​

Therefore, we asked:

  • How can services be developed in plain language and clear customer focus?

  • How do we consider the whole service system?

  • How do we work collaboratively with all stakeholders (internal and external)?


My Tasks:

I was the Service Designer and Interaction Designer on this project and worked closely with the Visual and Content Designer to introduce new ways of working for the client. I was conducting interviews with program participants, designing the main features and organising the user testings.

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